About Us

The perfect perfume, but without the hefty price tag

AW Scents was conceived on a single simple notion: why couldn't perfumes and aftershaves be more affordable? Some of the most well-known perfumes in the world were prohibitively costly; what was the source of this exorbitant pricing?

It is important to smell well

The appropriate aroma has a strong influence on individuals who are in your immediate vicinity. Scent has the power to seal the deal in the boardroom, to make people sit up and pay attention, and even to make you more appealing to those around you.

The range is being developed

Customers also expressed a need for additional alternatives. Requests began to pour in for the development of other popular designer perfumes. The AW Scents management team went back to the drawing board and began crafting their new range of fragrances once again.

Only two years later, the product line had risen by orders of magnitude — from two smells to over 65. Even better, it's still growing and expanding today. AW Scents is always exploring new scents and determining how to provide its consumers with more cost-effective versions of such aromas.

It's a simple recipe, yet it's really effective. Designer fragrances without the designer price tag! That is the AW Scents credo for the rest of one's life.

Exceptional fragrances that capture the spirit of the very finest

We've taken inspiration from some of the most renowned perfumes in the world to create our own unique scents. In reality, the only thing that differs from the big-name brands is the price, which is around 90 percent less than the big-name companies. Prices have been reduced to more reasonable levels, giving you the opportunity to choose your favourite scent without constraint.

A wide range of high-quality scents inspired by a variety of high-street, designer, and niche brands are available from AW Scents.

AW Scents are full strength Eau De Parfum and NOT the commonly used Eau De Toilette, so wear the fragrance you love without the worry of it wearing off and face the challenges of the world.